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Quadruple Drum Lifting Mechanism Characteristics

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China Hebei Junke Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd certification
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Quadruple Drum Lifting Mechanism Characteristics
Quadruple Drum Lifting Mechanism Characteristics


In order to ensure the reliable operation of the lifting mechanism, double brakes are set in the mechanism, each brake can individually brake the full rated load, and its coefficient is 1.25. Due to the inclined design of the wire rope and the possible partial load when lifting billets, the wire rope should be selected according to the force. It has been proved that the four-drum wire rope winding system can ensure that the spool will not tilt or fall when any rope is disconnected, and the property and reliability are improved.

The application of the design of the four-drum produces a kind of electromagnetic beam hanging crane with simple structure, small space, light weight, anti-tilt, anti-deflection and stacking. The use effect is good.


The function and structural characteristics of the four-drum lifting mechanism


The lifting mechanism is composed of motor, double brake wheel coupling, floating shaft, double brake, reducer, quadruple drum, steering pulley, rope head fixing device, wire rope, etc. It is a simple design in the four-point lifting mechanism. As shown in the figure below, the wire rope winding system is composed of wire rope, quadruple drum, steering pulley, spreader pulley and rope head fixing device, etc., which realizes the function of anti-rocking and non-tilting of the rotary spreader. With one quad drum instead of two double drum, the orthogonal cross layout of 4 lifting points of the rotary spreader is formed.


Quadruple drum design


There are two kinds of beam hanging crane: one is a double-layer car composed of the upper rotating car and the lower walking car; The upper carriage is composed of a rotating mechanism of the carriage, a double drum, a double lifting point lifting mechanism and a spreader. The second is a single car, double drum, double lifting point lifting mechanism, rotary spreader and so on. The lifting mechanism realizes the rise and fall of the billet, and the upper rotating trolley or rotary spinner realizes the 90° rotating stacking of the billet. In the production practice, it is found that the structure of these two cranes is complicated, and in the process of heavy high-speed operation, the crane will have a large deflection and swing, and the work efficiency is low and the performance is poor. A four-druml design solves this problem.


Quadruple drum lifting mechanism design


In the design of lifting mechanism, the selection of pulley multiplier not only has a great influence on the choice of wire rope, pulley and drum diameter, and the calculation of static torque of the low speed shaft of the reducer, but also directly affects the number of effective working rings of the wire rope on the drum, and then affects the distance between the steering pulley and the drum. The closer this distance is, the greater the deflection Angle of the wire rope in and out of the pulley and the reel, and the smaller it is on the contrary.

The wire rope winding system has 4 ropes, and one end of the rope head is fixed on the four rolls with the wire rope press plate. The four ropes are arranged in symmetrical pairs in vertical and horizontal directions. The two longitudinal ropes are symmetrically wound into the inner rope groove of the drum, and are wound out in the opposite direction of the drum, passing through the respective steering pulley and spreader pulley in turn, and the other end is connected with the fixed device of the rope head to form two longitudinal symmetrical lifting points. The two horizontal ropes are symmetrically wound into the outer rope groove of the drum, and are wound out of the drum in the same direction, passing through the respective spreader pulleys, and the other end is connected with the rope head fixing device to form two horizontal symmetrical lifting points. The 4 lifting points are in positive cross distribution.

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